Pawnee Springs

Pawnee Springs
North Platte, Nebraska
Manager: Steve Boeshart
P: (308) 582.4342

Open spaces.
Open minds.

A cowboy silhouetted against the setting sun may make a nice picture, but it doesn’t get the work done. Here at Pawnee Springs Ranch you’ll be asked to do more than you ever thought yourself capable of. Once you’re here, plan on staying for a long time.

The fully modernized, four-season operation spans 50,000 acres and provides backgrounding for approximately 12,000 calves from early October through mid-May.

In addition, Pawnee Springs manages a cow/calf operation with approximately 2400 cows and 700 more managed on another ranch close by.

Designed for self-sufficiency, Pawnee Springs Ranch raises its own feed, with crops raised under pivot,– corn silage, alfalfa orchard grass, alfalfa haylage and a wet meadow for hay and summer pasture.

A crew of eight full-time employees does it all – from busting ice and digging fence posts, to feeding, doctoring, calving and putting up hay and feed. You’ll earn your spurs the old-fashioned way – and work with others who have done the same.


Horse Breeding

Pawnee Springs Ranch is also home to a horse breeding operation designed to produce horses that are particularly well suited to the demands of the ranch and feed yards.

More than 30 mares are bred with four studs, selected for the qualities most evident in their bloodlines.
Qualities include:
• Good disposition
• Solid mind
• Ease around cows

Stair-step training starts early and continues for several years to ensure their ability to work as easily at the ranch as in a feed yard. Horses from the Pawnee Springs Ranch herd are also available for sale. Click Here for The Horse Sale Page

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